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What to do this Autumn

How to spend your Autumn

October marks the first full month of Autumn and we are certainly starting to feel the cold weather come into effect, not to mention the dark nights! Following that, a lot of us consider this the time of year to hibernate indoors-  but there is in fact a lot to take advantage of.  For example, how the pubs begin to feel cosier whilst they light their fires and a city walk starts to look a lot more charming as the trees begin changing colour. There  is, of course, Halloween to look forward to, so why not see how to spend your Autumn this year:

Halloween themed

Halloween celebrations begin tomorrow and where’s more ideal to celebrate than the renowned London Dungeon's? A place sure to scare you silly where you can delve into the capital’s most perilous past. If you’re looking for something a little more local and want to celebrate the spooky history of Highgate and Hampstead, two of London’s prettiest and most rural neighbourhoods, the unique Halloween tour explores the dark side of this seemingly idyllic area. For further information click here 


Turn your grey dull weekends into a colourful stroll at your local park such as Alexandra Palace Park, Hampstead Heath or Primrose Hill, or for something really special, head to Richmond Park, where rutting season is underway among the 600 resident deer – watch the amorous males clash for dominance.


Autumn means the pumpkins are ready to harvest and  this is the only time of the year where you can go pumpkin picking, so remember to cut the fruit off before the first frost! As we live in the city there aren’t many patches nearby, although this year London Zoo has its very own pumpkin patch. Otherwise there are plenty in Surrey and a little closer to North London is Willows Farm in St. Alban’s which is ideal for the little ones and offers pumpkin carving and everyone gets a free pumpkin to take home. For more information click here 

Bonfire Night

Of course there are many displays taking place across the capital, especially the most attended being on the River Thames, but here are some which might be just around the corner from you. There is Alexandra Palace's huge display, Harrow, Walker’s in Southgate and Scout Park in Bounds Green. Many schools also hold smaller events,  one of which is Highgate School which we sponsor as well as Moss Hall Schools in North Finchley.