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The Shape Of Things To Come...

Martyn Gerrard are always looking at the next big thing in property and how we can help lead the property industry keeping us at the fore front of technology and innovation.

At Martyn Gerrard we accompany all viewings. Sadly not every other agent does the same and will often leave it to the owner to show potential buyers their property.

This is normally down to staff constraints and the unwillingness of corporate companies to have staff out the office all day.  This means that some estate agents will shy away from open days or booking more than 1 or 2 viewings in a day.

We are proud to announce, that in conjunction with Sky-Net, the worlds leading authority in AI and Robotics that Martyn Gerrard will be trailing new technology to help agents with their viewings. 

Show-Bot  is the cutting edge robotics system built from the ground up to provide the same if not better level of service given by many human negotiators during viewings and open days. 


of 10 units Show-Bot will escort and interact with all applicants looking to view a property from Open days to individual appointments. 

With a direct link to our back office system as well as the World Wide Web Show-Bot can answer any questions you may have on the property or the local area. 

With features and programming based around the viewing experience this truly is the new era in property viewing. 

Show-Bot is fitted with active reactive AI programming, this allows Show-Bot to learn and adapt to its surroundings and interactions. Show-Bot is also able to read human emotions so viewers will no longer be able to lie about what they really think of the property.

Show-Bot is fully automatic and autonomous of human control. Making it the perfect neutral viewing guide.

Show-Bot at door

If you would like to be one of the first to witness the future contact your local Martyn Gerrard office