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Breaking out of the bunker, green space

  • With an estimated 79,500 golf players, courses reopening on the 29th March will be a joyous occasion for many.
  • There are 373,673 hectares of open green space in Great Britain. Golf courses account for a staggering 33%, the equivalent of 124,806 hectares.
  • The re-start of many sports will not only be good for our wellbeing but it also helps support the UK economy, contributing £39 billion each year. A significant proportion of this money comes from individuals' involvement in grassroots sport.
  • With an estimated 1,044,050 residential sales in 2020 and each sale contributing £9,559 to the economy, we estimate residential sales in 2020 added £9.9 billion to the UK economy in comparison. Source: Dataloft, Ordinance Survey, Sports England, Statista, Knight Frank, HMRC