Dear All,

 As you will be aware every month the Company is awarding days at the ‘MG Villa’.

We are continuing to recognise outstanding monthly performances by awarding days at the MG Villa.

So far MG staff have won over 25 villa days but nothing has been booked as of yet. You should be securing the booking sooner rather than later. Half term dates will be the most popular and all times will be on a first come first serve basis. Remember to email:, if you would like to reserve dates. If you want to reserve them in the future you will be able to use any villa days you earn up to that date (not when you book it) so you will only have to pay for days you haven't earnt. Don't wait to earn enough days before you book, or you may find the date booked. 

Days at the villa will be awarded recognising outstanding achievements and through your performance in the Monthly League Table and Quarterly Draws.

Congratulations to everyone who has put in the hard work this month and we're happy to reward you with a long weekend or holiday.

Remember, put in the effort and work hard, not only will you sell or let more homes,  you will have your hard work recognised and you can win days at the “MG Villa” you can put towards a holiday!

The winners of Days at the MG Villa in April are:


Martin Collins for doing the most Net Sales in a month for the year so far.


Tyler Gorman for booking the most Lettings MA’s in the month


For carrying out the most viewings in the month:

Declan Morgan - 1 Day

Ray Vilka - 1 Day

Antonio Di Dio - 1 Day


Dario Esposito & Antonio Di Dio each receive a day for their Mystery Shop


Luxiya Jayakumaran who has shown great dedication for covering when we have been short staffed, working extra hours and weekends without being asked.


Congratulations all - remember you can bank these days and add them to future days that you earn.

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