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Following our previous good results, the March mystery shop was a bit of a let-down.


We carry out different mystery shops every month mixing calls, emails and viewings. Remember the reason is NOT to find fault but to see the things we are doing well and can build on and spot the things we can do better and improve.


In March every office was called by someone who had a property to sell or let and they asked what our charges were. Our responses - excepting one - weren’t what we or you would hope for and has shown more training is needed.  This will help us to make the most of these types of enquiry to give a great customer experience and convert them wherever possible into fee earning opportunities.


The one bright example from the 21 mystery shops (each sales and lettings office and commercial) was in Crouch End Sales. Well done to Antonio and Dario who had the best score in the company. Antonio took the call and passed it over to Dario, both did a great job answering the enquiry, quickly building rapport with the caller which enabled us to get the right information and left the caller with a positive view of our company.


The April mystery shop has been completed and we will be reporting on it in the next newsletter. Just to reiterate we are not looking to catch you out with the Mystery Shops, it is purely to monitor how we are handling our customer-facing activities, especially those all-important first contacts (viewings, email/telephone enquiries etc.). Remember your Procedures Manual will show you what is required, just add your personality and you should all be getting much closer to 100% scores. So make sure you read your copy, it could earn you a day at the Villa.


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