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Moss Hall children come from a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures and this is what makes our school the special place that it is. Our whole school ethos and approach to learning is built upon mutual respect, understanding and a sense of shared community responsibility – as encompassed by fundamental British values.

At Moss Hall Junior School we aim to develop a love of learning in all of our children by offering them a positive, rich and inclusive experience.

Learning at Moss Hall is challenging, motivational and rewarding. We have high expectations for all and are committed to delivering quality teaching and learning that will enable each individual to progress well and to achieve to the best of their ability.

The relationships that we develop with our children, their families and the wider community are key in helping each child to succeed and in acknowledging our shared responsibility for their progress.

We want our children to be independent, confident and curious learners and to this end, we offer a broad and balanced curriculum. In addition to the academic subjects required by the National Curriculum, we provide a wide range of enrichment activities too. We are especially proud of the opportunities offered through sport, music and the creative arts – both during the school day and at school clubs.

To enthuse and inspire all of our children we use a range of learning styles and environments.  We plan learning opportunities that require our children to listen, look and do, in their classrooms, in our extensive grounds and out in the wider community too.  We expect our children to ask questions, to solve problems and to demonstrate a keenness to ‘have a go’ at a range of diverse challenges. We help our children to develop a useful bank of transferable skills and provide opportunities for them to practice and to apply them in assorted contexts.  We believe that children learn effectively from each other, from school staff and from other adults; and so we plan creative and practical opportunities for them to learn collaboratively with children from other classes and from visitors and trips into the community too.

We want our children to be socially, emotionally, spiritually and culturally aware. We encourage them to be active participants in all aspects of school life and to be proud to make positive contributions to the wider community. In our nurturing and inclusive culture we address the needs of each individual, ensuring that they feel happy, safe and supported, in the knowledge that they are valued members of our school family.

We offer every child, whatever their individual characteristics, the chance to achieve during their time at Moss Hall and we celebrate their efforts, progress and successes as we prepare them for the lifelong learning journey that lies ahead.

Mrs Patricia Flinn (Headteacher)

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