What is an EPC?


All domestic and commercial property on the market for sale or to rent must have a valid EPC report available for prospective buyers and tenants to see. At the beginning of January it became law for every property advert to show the properties energy rating.

An EPC is prepared by an accredited Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA) who will need to visit the property to carry out an inspection. They will produce a report about how efficiently the property uses energy and its impact on the environment. This is graded from A to G and is shown on a graph – like the ones you will see on fridges and washing machines. A is excellent while many Victorian or Edwardian properties will have a lower rating, commonly D or E and sometimes F. The average rating of a dwelling in England and Wales is D.

The EPC report details ways that the rating can be raised by improving the properties energy efficiency. These recommendations will range from lower cost measures such as switching to low energy lighting or adding draught excluders to higher cost items such as cavity wall insulation or replacing the boiler. Many of these improvements may be available under the new Green Deal. The report will show the potential savings if these measures are implemented.

The EPC is valid for 10 years, although a new one may be required if structural works or upgrading is carried out such as improvements under the Governments Green Deal.

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