Christmas Party

We think it is very important, bearing in mind how hard you all work, that our staff get the opportunity to let their hair down and have some fun.
With this in mind rather than dictate what we will do we are trying to actively try to listen to what it is you want.
On Friday 21st December as always, we will be having a drinks party and canapes, accompanying our awards ceremony that everyone is expected to attend.
You also have the option of either us contributing a lump sum to each office/ departments individual Christmas get-together.
Or we could send those who wish to Willows Farm again.
Please vote for either Willows Farm, if you wish to go there or a contribution sum, if you wish to receive a contribution to your department/branch. 
In this instance the company will be happy to pay for you, but if you vote and don't attend you will have to pay for a ticket.
This year, however, you will need to make your own way to and from. 
Please now go back to the main page to vote, as we will be deciding on the majority vote!

All votes must be received by close of business Thursday.

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