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If you are one of the thousands of people who own a flat in a residential apartment block, who has a managing agent imposed on them by the freeholder, then you are likely to be very familiar with the dreaded thud of the Service charge demand as it lands on your doormat.

So how is your money being spent? Is your managing agent spending your money wisely, and is the maintenance work being carried out as promised and in the most cost effective way?

You may think that you are stuck with your freeholder's choice of managing agent, but if at least 50% of the lessees agree and follow the correct procedure, under the Common-hold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002, you can obtain the right to manage (RTM) your block and take over the running of the block.

Although residents are quite at liberty to run the RTM themselves there are a myriad of legal procedures and other responsibilities that must be strictly adhered to. Full accounts must be kept and audited annually, residents AGM’s must be held and the appropriate insurance cover must be arranged and kept up to date. Then there is the day to day running of the block and organising the maintenance and upkeep of the building. It may also be necessary to negotiate with neighbours even to the extent of ‘chasing’ unpaid service charge bills.

We strongly recommend appointing a reputable and specialist managing agent, to look after all the aspects of the running your building.

Having accumulated a wealth of knowledge and expertise in dealing with property management over the past 50 years our dedicated Block Management team, made up of experienced property managers, surveyors, engineers, accounts and other ancillary staff, are fully equipped to handle every aspect of this specialist service down to the smallest detail.

We are also experienced in helping residents to set up 'Right to Manage Companies' (RTM) and to acquire the right to appoint their own choice of managing agents and have a greater say and control on how their service charge are spent.

If you would like more details of how Martyn Gerrard Block Management Department can help you or if you would like advice on obtaining the right to manage your block, please feel free to contact us on 020 8343 4340 or at


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