Best Sales & Lettings for the quarter

First Quarter - By Office


Well, I didn’t expect to not see Finchley Central or East Finchley in the Top 3 for sales agreed after the first quarter but that has to be down to the excellent job Dario and his team at N8 and Gregg and his team in Mill Hill have done in the first three months of 2019.

For HD’s as expected East Finchley are out in front but Crouch End and Muswell Hill are closing in!


As well as sales agreed Crouch End and Mill Hill also feature in the top three offices for billing too. They have had a super start, in what are difficult times where I know it is a struggle to get sales over the line, but we are bucking the trend and this really should be a springboard for not only Crouch End and Mill Hill but for all the offices, it’s great to see Whetstone, Barnet, Southgate as well as New homes Crouch End and Mill Hill are all up on the first quarter of 2018 so keep driving those deals over the line.


Special congratulations go to Paul and the Lettings Management team who not only topped the Lettings billing table, but billed more than ANY other Department for the Quarter achieving nearly £150,000, and a special mention to Carly and her Block management team who having managed to tidy up the backlog, are now driving forward with their best first quarter up nearly 50% on last year.

As the end of the year prize will be awarded (as announced in my Christmas speech) on an area basis I thought it was necessary for all to be aware of where they stand on this basis, well done to Marc Brahams and the East Finchley for not only being top area for billing, much as I expected, but more importantly for billing the most New business which is quite an achievement for such a well-established office. Well done also to Eva whose area is second place to date and a special mention to John Sandos who has managed to achieve the third best figures for new business in your area.

First Quarter - By Individual

Well done to Jatin and James Maynard who have put over £100,000 new business into the pipeline this year, and we all wish James a speedy recovery, and were pleased to have him back working even if it is remotely for now.

Well done to Lyle and Tyler for managing to tie up more than 10 Nil deposits in the first quarter, it is imperative that we all get up around this level moving forward so keep plugging away.

Finally on individual billing, although Marlon has exchanged the most deals it is  Jatin and Ray that head the league for billing at the moment although it is great to note that there are more than 9 sales negotiators on course to break into the 20% commission level before the end of the year, so do keep up the hard work it will pay dividends.

Well done again to Mr consistent Lyle Morgan, who is again top for billing.

Administrators and Head Office Quarterly Award


There are ten people in the draw for the first quarter. Qualification recognises the level, accuracy and quality of work over the last three months and each one of those named below has really shown great commitment and pride in their work and to being the best.


We should also make honourable mentions to three people who didn’t quite make the top ten - Ana and Alice who stepped up while we were short staffed and Georgina who has continued to produce excellent work on tight schedules - thank you for your hard work and effort.



Draw Tickets

Alek Sowinska


Michaela Rider


Eunika Okolo


Fran Marchant


Vanessa Tobie


Kimberley Harrington


Lizzie Cox


Luxiya Jayakumaran


Matt Wheeler


Venetia Ragona



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