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The Great Bunny Hunt

Easter Rabbit Hunt

Good news everyone its April and we are only a couple of weeks away from our favourite time of the year after Christmas, Halloween. There is something about egg shaped chocolate that’s just so much better than the normal bar or block.

To celebrate Easter, Ronald the rabbit has been visiting homes throughout North & North West London but unfortunately he has got lost! We think he may have been snapped in a few of our property pictures. We want Ronald back so if you can help us find as many houses he has visited as you can we will reward you with the crème de la crème of Easter eggs. Over 1kg of milk chocolate the Ostrich egg is any chocolate lovers dream.

We need your help to find Ronald in as many pictures as possible we have tracked him down to houses and flats across North & North West London and you can spot him in our property searches like the below example.

He is hiding in 1 of the pictures for each property and we need to know which properties and which room he is hiding in. We need to find him in 10 properties to track him down.

If you think you can help find Ronald then jump on to and start hunting when you find Ronald DM us on Twitter @MartynGerrardEA or Facebook message on @MartynGerrardEstateAgents



1)   Completion closes on the 18th April, winners will be announced on the 18th of April (giving you time to munch your cash of eggs before a 1Kilo top up)

2)   To qualify for the prize you must identify a minimum of 10 properties and rooms with Ronald in them.

3)   All entries must be made via Tweet @MartynGerrardEA or Facebook on @MartynGerrardEstateAgents

4)   The winner will be picked at random for any entries that identify 10 or more Ronald’s