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Simon's Comment: New homes and tech

There are many ways in which technology can make our lives easier, more efficient and more enjoyable. When buying a new home, the promise of the latest in home technology can be a big draw, and lead many to assume that it will only add value to your home. 

However the development of new technology also moves at an electric pace, and so how do you ensure that your home tech isn’t out of date within a couple of years? Technology can also sometimes lead to hidden maintenance costs, so how do you make sure it’s not going to inadvertently cost you money? 

Home tech comes in two distinct forms: hard-wired and Wi-Fi. Hard-wired tech works well for systems like music or heating, both of which are sure to be additions that people will want in their homes for years to come. However, with new homes it is important to check that the infrastructure of this has been carried out properly. You must check that wiring is up to date, so Cat 6 is vital for to you have flexibility within the internal logistics so that it can be adjusted in the future if needed. To give you an example, the new Ethan Drive development we’re selling in Finchley is hard wired with an integrated audio system that can be controlled by apple or android devices, as well as an HD distribution Sonos Audio system throughout the main rooms and full Sonos 5.1 surround sound in the lounge room. The homes are also hard-wired to connect to all major TV network suppliers and enable mounted flat screen TV’s, as well as door and video gate entry. 

Wi-Fi enabled tech has improved considerably over the years and is now considered by many to be one of the best choices as it gives you, the current owner, and any future buyers’ ultimate flexibility. If the new buyers don’t want it you can just take it with you. The new Waterfall Road development currently on the market with us has LightwaveRF Wi-Fi connected sockets in both the kitchen and family rooms, with Wi-Fi boosters installed on every floor and smart Wi-Fi connected exterior lights.

Another area of tech that many often forget about is environmental tech such as heat source pumps, whole house ventilation systems and heat recovery systems. The sustainability standard that all new homes must now meet mean that this is an integral aspect to all new builds. While it doesn’t initially seem like a crucial buying factor, the energy efficiency means that your ongoing maintenance and utility costs will be considerably less and as time goes on will start to add value. At both our Ethan Drive and Waterfall Road developments, the homes are kitted out with the latest environmental technologies that are designed to make minimal impact to your life while also ensuring your homes have excellent energy performance and run as efficiently as possible. 

By Simon Gerrard FNAEA PPNAEA, MD, Martyn Gerrard