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Is selling your home over Christmas a good idea?


For most of us, December is one of the busiest months of the year thanks to an increased social calendar and the need to prepare gifts, meals and events. It seems like madness to throw selling your home into the mix. However, stats have repeatedly shown that the period between Christmas and New Year brings a huge spike in the number of people searching for a home online.


We found that in December up to a third of buyers registering fall between the 25th and 29th, and properties listed in the Christmas period have over 15% more viewings on average. It’s the only time of year when you can guarantee that most people aren’t at work, they’re usually around partners or family they might be buying a home with, and the weather makes staying on the sofa appealing. Also, an impending New Year prompts many to think about any big changes they’re planning, of which a house is usually one.


While it may seem like a hassle to put your property on the market during the festive season, it could actually significantly boost your sales prospects by making the most of increased internet traffic and ensuring plenty of viewings are booked into the dairy once January rolls around. For those who don’t want the distraction, we manage the enquiries on their behalf so they can come back to the sales process in Jan with plenty of prospective buyers lined up.


Selling over the Christmas period needn’t be a headache, and could result in more interest, a higher price and a quicker sale – getting 2019 off to flying start.