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5 things to do during isolation

The very strange and unprecedented circumstances have left many of us at home for the foreseeable future; you may be lost on how to spend your time wisely, or quite frankly worried about how you will pass the time indoors. My best advice is to try and plan the first half of your day doing activities and then when it comes to the evening you will truly feel like you deserve some downtime of just relaxing and watching TV.  Take a look at this list of five ways to spend your days during this pandemic.

1. Times are understandably difficult and, unfortunately, if you do happen to venture to the food shop there isn’t a lot of stock left on the shelves. So why not use what’s left in the fridge or cupboard to cook up some quick and simple recipes? This website is a game-changer, all you need to do is enter which ingredients you have leftover and it supplies you with recipes. Dinner time couldn’t get any easier!  

2. Home workouts; there is no need to stay slouched on your sofa all day just because the gyms are closed. Get up and release those endorphins, you don’t have an excuse with all the free online workouts.

  • Follow husband and wife- Daniel and Kelli with Fitness Blender, offering an extensive selection of exercises you can complete without the need for equipment.
  • The ever-popular Sweaty Betty also offers a wide range of home workouts ranging from beginner to advanced. 
  • Or, if hard-core workouts aren’t your thing, try some yoga classes. Rachel Scott’s exercises focus on every part of the body so you are able to target the specific areas you want.   

3. Take up a hobby... providing you have the resources, there is a lot you could get into. Popular hobbies during this time include: sewing, learning an instrument, cooking, gardening, or as mentioned above yoga. Be proactive and productive during this time, you may not have the opportunity to learn something new.

4. If you have been meaning to tidy your home, now is your chance. You can completely re-organise your wardrobe and give away all of your unwanted items to charity. Just put anything unwanted into a bags in your garage or car, ready for isolation to end. Once this is over you can donate these to your local charity who are always in need.

 5. When you do decide it’s time to settle down, and you're ready to binge-watch some Netflix, but can't find anything you want to watch. Well, The Telegraph has found a way to find all hidden films and tv-shows on Netflix, per genre - click here.

We'd love to hear of any further tips on the best way to spend isolation.
We are wishing both you and your families safe during this time.