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HOME BUYER CONFIDENCE BOUNCES BACK TO PRE-BREXIT LEVELS • In September demand for housing rose by 16 per cent • Supply of available housing dropped marginally last month • The number of sales made to first time buyers (FTBs) fell […] Read more >

Back to Business

The September market has always been a good time to buy or sell, positive August statistics show that, Brexit or no-Brexit, this isn’t going to change. With the referendum hangover clearing and summer fading, now is the time to switch from reflection to action. […] Read more >

Nationwide House Price Index

Nationwide House Price Index revealed this week that house prices have increased by 0.6% in August 2016. Brian Murphy, Head of Lending at Mortgage Advice Bureau (MAB), comments: […] Read more >

How to get a mortgage when you’re self-employed

If you’re self-employed and looking for a new mortgage deal, you may be worried that your employment status could limit your borrowing options. But with the bank rate at an all-time low and more lenders looking at how they cater for the self-employed, you may have more choice than you think. […] Read more >

Baby Names

The Office of National Statistics have just released their report showing the most popular babies names in 2015. […] Read more >

Have you Become an Accidental Landlord?

Sometimes life can throw you curveballs, and all of a sudden, you can find yourself on a different path to the one you thought you’d be on. For some, these changes can lead to owning a property which could result in you becoming an accidental landlord. […] Read more >

National Mortgage Index July 2016

• Number of mortgage products available breaks 23,000 – last seen in 2008 • New mortgage applications dropped slightly overall in July, whilst remortgage activity increased • 93.2% of those purchasing a property in July chose to fix their mortgage […] Read more >

Simon Says

It is safe to say the vote to leave the European Union after more than 40 years of membership came as a shock to most. […] Read more >

The Right to Rent scheme

The Right to Rent scheme - which requires landlords or agents to check ID of all prospective adult occupiers - was rolled out across England on 1 February 2016. Where an adult occupier has a time limited right to remain, landlords and letting agents will need to conduct follow up checks. These need to be made 12 months from the initial check or at the expiry of the individual’s right to be in the UK, whichever is the later. […] Read more >

When looking for a summer sale, how can you use your garden to add value/increase your sale price?

“In a summer market, maximising the size and presentation of outside space is crucial to increasing your sale value. Homes with well-kept gardens or patios will generate much more buyer interest and potentially add thousands of pounds to your asking price, while adding outside space to a flat – like developing a roof area – can add tens of thousands. […] Read more >

Bank Rate Decreases to 0.25%

With a unanimous vote across the board, The Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) has announced that the bank rate will decrease to 0.25%. Following economic uncertainty since the EU referendum results, this is quite a momentous decision considering the rate has stayed the same, at 0.50%, since 2009. […] Read more >

Annual house price growth unchanged at 8.4% according to Halifax HPI

The latest house price index has been issued by Halifax, which is the first to give an indication of the post-Brexit property market. […] Read more >

In the wake of Brexit, keep calm and focus on the fundamentals

Understandably, the UK electorate voting to leave the EU after more than 40 years of membership was a shock that initially caused panic, recriminations and concern. It’s safe to say the result was not the preferred outcome for most people in North London, and the younger generation. Statistics show 75.6% voted remain in Haringey so the result came as a shock in these quarters. […] Read more >

How to Add Value to Your House

Making improvements to your home is not only a great way to refresh and revive old surrounds, but it’s often used as a way to maximise the value of your house and work your way up the property ladder. Depending on how adventurous you’re feeling, you can make smaller improvements, such as redecorating, or you could move up the scale and undergo renovation projects to completely transform your home and potentially add greater value to it. […] Read more >

Bank Rate Remains at 0.5%

On 23 June 2016, the British public made a momentous decision to leave the EU. Since then, we have been living in political and economic uncertainty not knowing what could happen. However, this week feels like it marks the start of some decisions being made as we’ve seen Theresa May become the new Prime Minister, along with a new cabinet being appointed. To add to the list there’s also been speculation about the bank rate and which way it is likely to go. […] Read more >

Cheap 10 Year Fixed Mortgage

Many lenders have been introducing new mortgage products with all-time low interest rates, and it appears the mortgage price war is continuing. Of recent weeks, mortgage lenders have started to decrease 10 year fixed rate mortgages which has sparked some discussion around longer-term mortgages and what advantages these could have for you. […] Read more >

Post-Brexit: Now’s a good time to review your mortgage

In light for the recent Brexit result there has been a lot of speculation over whether house prices will fall and which way interest rates could go. In times like these it’s important to remain calm, consider your options, and avoid making any decisions in haste. […] Read more >

When looking for that dream house, lean on a broker

A house is the biggest purchase most people will make in their lifetime yet some don’t take the time to seek professional advice when looking for a mortgage. […] Read more >

Brexit: What’s in store for the buy-to-let market?

Following the Brexit victory, many UK homeowners have been left feeling a bit uneasy and unsure which way to turn. But what are the implications for landlords, or those looking to become landlords? […] Read more >

Martyn Gerrard Estate Agents awarded at The Lettings Agency of the Year Awards 2016

Martyn Gerrard was awarded as Best Medium Agency in London at The Lettings Agency of the Year Awards 2016 in association with The Sunday Times and The Times and sponsored by ZPG. […] Read more >

Allow me to reintroduce myself - The 100% Mortgage

Not since the sub-prime taboo days of 2008 has a 100% mortgage been offered by a lender. Since then, the closest the market’s come to it are the two 95% Help to Buy mortgage schemes, and one of them ends in December this year. That’s why the news that the first 100% mortgage in eight years has arrived on the market, comes as good news. But will it help the right people? […] Read more >

Is the new Mayor and the EU referendum effecting the housing market?

Although some agents continue to talk the property market up in order to gain instructions, it is quite clear that the sales market is coming off the boil. A recent poll by the RICS says 22% more of its members are finding a fall in demand from buyers than those members who saw an increase. […] Read more >

The importance of your credit rating when applying for a mortgage

Getting a mortgage can seem like one of the most daunting tasks that you can face in your life, but it doesn’t need to be, as there are a number of small things you can do that could greatly increase your chances of getting your dream home. […] Read more >

We Are Recruiting

Are you... Looking for a new challenge? Interested in a career change? Able to provide exceptional customer service? Martyn Gerrard could be the company for you. […] Read more >

I have followed advice and asked three agents to give me a valuation and quote their fees. Each agent has given a different price and a different fee. Do I go with the highest price or the lowest fee?

Basing your decision on which agent to use purely on the highest price and the lowest fee will often prove a false economy and cost you thousands of pounds in the long run. […] Read more >

The Busiest Opening Quarter Since The Crash and How First-Time Buyers Still Need Help

In the lead-up to the EU Referendum, the mortgage market has been quietly chugging away in the background. So much so, that e.surv’s Mortgage Monitor has claimed that the market has actually had its busiest start to the year since 2007. In Quarter 1 of this year, 71,710 mortgages were granted, meaning it was the highest opening quarter in nine years, despite the market slowing slightly in February and March. […] Read more >

Martyn Gerrard – 1939 - 2016 - Helping Families Create Homes

I am very sad to announce the passing of my father Martyn Gerrard following a brief battle with cancer. […] Read more >

The Foreign Currency Mortgage -what is it and could it affect you?

Due to recent changes in the mortgage industry in the form of the Mortgage Credit Directive (MCD), many buyers and homeowners have been left unsure of where they stand when it comes to getting a mortgage. One of the groups of people that will have been affected by the new regulations are those that work in a different country to the one that they reside in and are paid in a foreign currency, such as those that work for international bodies like the World Bank or oil companies. […] Read more >

The lowest mortgage rates on record and the most choice since 2008

Like the odds of Leicester City winning the Premier League title, mortgage rates in the UK continue to fall as the threat of an interest rate rise depletes. The fall in mortgage rates comes after the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) voted unanimously to keep the Bank of England Bank Rate at 0.5% for the 84th month in a row in March. Two and three-year fixed rates were among the biggest movers, with the average three-year rate falling 0.09% and the average two-year falling 0.02%. […] Read more >

The Shape Of Things To Come...

Martyn Gerrard have teamed up with one of the worlds best engineers to bring you the ultimate property viewing experience. […] Read more >

Simon Gerrards take on the Budget 2016

While it has made big waves for other reasons, for the first time in a number of years the Budget did not contain any significant headline grabbing initiatives or tax changes, aimed directly at the residential property market. Or so it first seemed! […] Read more >

The Budget for the future generation?

With all of the talk around politics being focused on the upcoming EU Referendum, this year’s Budget hasn’t had as much of a noticeable hype around it as usual. But, whilst it may well serve as a prerequisite to the vote in June, it should most certainly not be brushed under the carpet. […] Read more >

The Mortgage Credit Directive in a nutshell

The financial services industry has been given another shake-up on the 21st March, as the EU-wide Mortgage Credit Directive (MCD) is brought into play. Brought in by the European Union, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) will implement the new rules designed to protect consumers and bring all mortgages under a single market. […] Read more >

Is Buy-To-Let Still A Viable Investment?

Following the Chancellor’s changes on mortgage interest relief, stamp duty and fair wear and tear rules; we are being asked if Buy-to-Let is still a viable investment. […] Read more >

oMG... It's a Leap Year!

To mark this unique once in a four year event, Martyn Gerrard would like to offer Homeowners and Landlords deals that are just as unique. […] Read more >


A Landlord must confirm exactly who will be living in their property and their ages, as all adults over the age of 18 when the tenancy begins, must be checked, even if their names are not on the tenancy agreement. […] Read more >

Making an Offer

You have seen a property you want to buy, how do you decide how much to offer? This is a question estate agents are regularly asked by prospective buyers. No one wants to pay more than they need to, but offer too little and you risk another buyer coming in with an acceptable bid and securing the property you want. […] Read more >

DCLG announces Red Tape review

Review of Red Tape to give housebuilders their say on ineffective rules and heavy-handed enforcement that stop them building homes. […] Read more >

Don’t let bad weather lead to a stormy tenancy

ARLA offers top tenant tips in the event of weather damage Following the UK’s recent bad weather, the Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA) is reminding tenants to be aware of who is responsible for what in the event of damage to a rented property. […] Read more >

Advice for owners who want to sell this winter.

For the best chance to sell your property during the cold and dark winter months it’s important to make your property stand out. […] Read more >

Autumn Statement 2015 George Osborne “squeezing out families”

The Chancellor's autumn statement came as quite a shock to some people including me. […] Read more >

Finding the upsides to downsizing

With just under a quarter of homeowners (24%) choosing to downsize, the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) offers advice for those downsizing. […] Read more >

A posh car ‘Pushes up house price’

Having a posh car in the driveway can push up property prices, according to a survey. […] Read more >

First time Buyers – A step in the right direction

STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION FOR FIRST TIME BUYERS * NAEA releases April Housing Market Report * A quarter (26%) of sales made to FTBs in April * Three quarters (74%) of estate agents don’t see supply and demand levelling out over the next five years * Nine in ten (92%) of NAEA agents think the General Election result is great news for the housing market […] Read more >

Housing Minister welcomes surge in new homes being built

The latest housebuilding figures today (21 May 2015) show starts of new homes have more than doubled since those seen during the same period in 2009 – with both starts and completions rising over the past year. […] Read more >